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Surf RDM Goya Surf RDM
These glass & epoxy masts have been designed to work perfectly on the Surf and the Scion. While their construction is similar to our full size mast, their layup is simplified, while still ensuring the kind of strong and light product you...
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Fifty RDM - 50%C Goya Fifty RDM - 50%C
This mast is a pretty amazing blend of affordability and great quality. Definitely recommended for the most recreational of conditions, up-hauling, learning the basics of windsurfing, beginning water starting, planing, learning to get...
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Hundred Pro SDM - 100%C Goya Hundred Pro SDM - 100%C
The Hundred Pro is a no-compromise product, built for racing, developed by racers. No doubt this mast works just a beautifully on Freeride sails but where it shines is when being paired with the Mark Pro or Mark 2 Pro. The purpose of SDM...
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Hundred Pro RDM - 100%C Goya Hundred Pro RDM - 100%C
100% Carbon. This all new all carbon mast is our pride and joy. We’ve put years of research into this mast, to deliver a product that surpasses our previous all carbon Flatwater mast in both performance and stability. The goal was to...
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Ultra Pro RDM - 100%C Goya Ultra Pro RDM - 100%C
The Ultra Pro is the ultimate mast for Foil, Freestyle and Freeride, emphasizing utmost lightweight performance. Its 400 weight is only 1.3 kg. Use with caution not recommended for or warrantied in wave conditions. All Goya Windsurfing...
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Seventy Pro SDM - 70%C Goya Seventy Pro SDM - 70%C
The Seventy is a great line of all-around masts in that they come in both RDM and SDM diameters. If you prefer SDM, this mast is for you. The purpose of SDM masts being to create stiffness with larger diameter rather than increased wall...
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Seventy Pro RDM - 70%C Goya Seventy Pro RDM - 70%C
70% Carbon. Value that’s a cut above. This mast delivers outstanding performance and durability at an affordable price. Having three years of heritage, the Seventy has proven itself well worthy to be part of the Goya brand legacy. Simply...
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Eighty Pro RDM - 80%C Goya Eighty Pro RDM - 80%C
80% carbon is the highest carbon content allowed in some key magazine tests, and we are confident it will excel in every single one. What‘s so attractive about the Eighty Pro is its lighter weight compared to the Ninety Pro. Less durable...
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Carbon Skinny Pro - Carbon Boom Goya Carbon Skinny Pro - Carbon Boom
The Carbon Skinny Pro comes as a 100% prepreg carbon monocoque body and extension. Its 24.5 mm grip takes diameter reduction one step further. Comfort. Control. It’s hard to get the team on anything else these days. New with a wider tail...
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Aluminium Boom Goya Aluminium Boom
These booms feature a one-piece build structurally identical to our carbon booms. They in fact rival a number of other carbon booms on the market. High stiffness and strength are provided even when fully extented. The grip of the...
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Carbon Pro - Carbon Boom Goya Carbon Pro - Carbon Boom
The grip on both builds is in line with what most riders consider comfy these days, slimmer than standard booms. Smaller sizes are 27.5 mm, larger models are 30 mm. Comes with the proven double pin locking system. With four sizes, this...
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Carbon - Boom (60%C) Goya Carbon - Boom (60%C)
Wide and stiff tail ends. Same great feel. Better for the budget. An RDB (Reduced Diameter Boom), it’s slimmer than standard booms, and a touch thicker than Goya’s “Carbon Skinny Pro”. Smaller sizes are 27.5 mm, larger models are 30 mm....
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