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  • 20HaWo-001
Upgrade your upwind game with the Wood. The Harlem Wood is our all-round ass-kicker. Designed... mehr
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Upgrade your upwind game with the Wood.

The Harlem Wood is our all-round ass-kicker. Designed with a single concave to flush water out for better stability and quicker acceleration. The flexibility in the tips are great for Dutch choppy conditions, and make you cut through that chop like a hot knife through butter. The flat rocker outline gives you that extra push in low wind conditions. The bright fluorescent color of the board makes it easy to find on those rough days.

So if you happen to look for a lightweight full Paulownia wood core with CNC engineered precision for maximum strength and flexibility, we happen to sell it. The Wood is hand-build in Holland, and is fitted with freestyle 50mm fins and optional grab handle.

You will be surprised by the softness and control the Wood offers. Ride it to build or perfect your kitesurfing game.


Control reinvented

Single concave design flushes water for grip and speed.

Cutting edge

ABS-rails to protect the edge of your board.

Dude, where's my Wood?

Bright fluorescent colors makes the Wood easy to spot.

Ultra light weight

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

Got wood?

Full Paulownia wood core, CNC engineered precision for maximum strength and flexibility.

Best board for you?

If you’re breaking Woo records and ride with boots, check out our Harlem Rocker.

Style: Freeride, Twintips
Saison: 2020
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