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  • KoShAu-001
The AURA is our ultimate light wind machine! If you always want to be the first one up and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Aura"

The AURA is our ultimate light wind machine! If you always want to be the first one up and riding and still have the freedom to jump - this is your board!

The super early planning of the AURA is generated by its LOW ROCKER and extra big surface are. The straighter outline combined with the extra long DOUBLE CONCAVE allow you to go upwind like no other board! Furthermore we designed the long DOUBLE CONCAVE to save you unnecessary weight!

Even on smaller fins the AURA has all the grip you need! The GRIP CHANNELS invite you to go for your favourite freestyle moves and you will find the AURA quite manoeuvrable despite its size! The complete board comes with our Ratchet Binding including the TOE RIDGE, MEMORY FOAM and AIR DAMPENING PAD.

To guarantee perfect quality and short delivery channels all parts and accessories are manufactured here in Europe. Together with ARKTIK we offset all CO2 emissions in Gold Standard Projects. To further minimise the impact on mother nature we do not use any plastic wrapping!

No matter if you want to ride your first meters or always be the first one out and having fun - the AURA is your board!

Style: Freeride, Lightwind, Twintips
Saison: 2020
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