Harlem Wave V2

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Designed for directional surfboard and foil board riders. The Harlem Wave V2 is our 3 strut... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wave V2"

Designed for directional surfboard and foil board riders.

The Harlem Wave V2 is our 3 strut delta shape high-performance wave kite. Alex is our experienced wave rider, and the Harlem Wave was his wet dream. This kite combines insane turning speed with beautiful drift ability. The perfect “sheet out” means you can “park” the kite and fully focus on ripping the waves and enjoy your ride down the line. And sometimes the perfect wave comes with low wind, so we have made sure that this kite has an amazing low-end. All of this together will give you the ultimate wave riding session.

For twintip riders, the Harlem Wave offers a smooth ride and easy handling. But take into account the Wave was not designed to boost big air jumps.

The Harlem Wave follows you like a trained dog. But it’s not a dog, it’s a wave kite.


Drift baby

Unique design sits deep in the wind window for better drifting and amazing upwind capabilities.

For the lazy pumpers

We have put air outlets in the middle, and in the wingtip for deflating and as you like it. The Harlem comes with High Flow strut valves for easy inflate and deflate.

Fuck fashion

We only update models for improvements, not because the colors went out of fashion.

I got the power

Very high depower ability: no pull when you are riding them waves.

Bombproof construction

Build to last, and to keep its value and performance. The Teijin Marubini Dacron frame offers optimal stiffness, and more direct feedback.

A bag that doesn't suck

Best kitebag on the market with zippers that last longer than one season.

Not just for surfing

Ride it on a twintip board for smooth sessions with awesome drifting and easy relaunching.

The best materials

Triple ripstop for more stiff material; no shape distortion. Best strength to weight ratio. Harlem C3 coating on canopy protects against UV, sand and salt.

Is this the kite for you? 

when you want maximum hangtime in freestyle tricks.

Style: Foil, Wave
Saison: 2020
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