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S26 Hero Naish S26 Hero
The board to take you from Zero to Hero. The Hero continues to push performance boundaries for a beginner-friendly board, featuring a wider shape to help with low wind glide and provides a stable platform to learn and progress on. Its...
429,00 € *
Motion  S26 Naish Motion S26
The Motion is our top selling freeride board and for good reason. It is a perfect balance of ease of use and freeride performance, ridden by new kiteboarders and top athletes alike. The advanced top and bottom shaping provide the Motion...
549,00 € *
S26 Alana Naish S26 Alana
With input from the team and extensive testing with all of our female Naish rippers, the latest Alana has been created with a woman’s needs at the forefront of the design. Everything from the flex pattern, dimensions, graphics, and...
549,00 € *
S26 Pivot Naish S26 Pivot
CONSTRUCTION & TECHNOLOGY • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiff + strong canopy fabric • 2 Ply Trailing Edge = Disperses canopy utter • HT Plus Seam = High-Tensile thread forti es leading edg • Aramid Patches = Protects + reinforces seams •...
ab 1.249,00 € *
S26 Wing-Surfer black 6qm Naish S26 Wing-Surfer black 6qm
This season’s all-new Wing-Surfer is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly evolving sport well into the future. We started with the basic outline, refining the leading edge curve of each size wing to maximize drive,...
709,00 € * 949,00 € *
Boxer 2022 Naish Boxer 2022
NEW CONSTRUCTION •Reduced Panel count and seams for a lighter and stronger kite • Redesigned/optimized Shark Teeth trailing edge reinforcement • Lighter weight and faster turning in the bigger sizes GENERAL • The best one-strut kite on...
ab 979,00 € *
Matador LT 2022 Naish Matador LT 2022
The Matador LT takes the Wingsurfer Matador and makes iteven leaner and meaner. With the same basic outline, shapeand overall structure of the Matador, the Matador LT remains apowerful and stable wing. But sometimes less is more. For...
ab 879,00 € *
Alana 10,6 S26 Naish Alana 10,6 S26
Woman’s Inflatable All-around Sizes: 10'6” X32 Volume:270 L Designed with female paddlers in mind, and based on the Nalu Inflatable Fusion, the Alana is a great all-around choice for riders of all levels and sizes. The Alana Inflatable...
869,00 € *
Nalu 10,6 S26 Naish Nalu 10,6 S26
NALU INFLATABLE FUSION Inflatable All-around Sizes: 10’6” X32 | 11’6 X34 Volume:270 L A great all-around choice for riders of all levels and sizes, the Nalu Inflatable Fusion boards were designed for all-around fun for the whole family,...
869,00 € *
Alana Touring 11,6 S26 Naish Alana Touring 11,6 S26
ALANA INFLATABLE TOURING FUSION Woman’s Inflatable Touring/All-Around Size: 11’0” X29, 11'6” X32 Based on our Touring Fusion model, the Alana Fusion offers enhanced performance and faster paddling than entry-level SUP boards. This board...
929,00 € *
Touring S26 Naish Touring S26
TOURING INFLATABLE FUSION Inflatable/All-around Size: 12’6” X32 Touring inflatables provide great glide and speed while remaining very easy to paddle. They bridge the gap between our Maliko (race) and all-around inflatables. All of the...
949,00 € *
Pivot  S25 deepblue/blue/pacificblue Naish Pivot S25 deepblue/blue/pacificblue
High-Performance Freeride/Big Air
1.699,00 € *
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