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Pivot  S25 deepblue/blue/pacificblue Naish Pivot S25 deepblue/blue/pacificblue
High-Performance Freeride/Big Air
0,00 € * 1.479,00 € *
Drive Naish Drive
The Drive features a high performance and lightweight construction with a freeride shape and unmatched reflex characteristics. The S25 Drive has the same proven bottom shape, construction and rocker with a new deck shape to provide a...
849,00 € *
Naish Pivot LE S25 Naish Naish Pivot LE S25
High-Performance Freeride/Big Air
ab 1.129,00 € * 1.509,00 € *
S25 Wing Surfer  blue-orange Naish S25 Wing Surfer blue-orange
The original Naish Wing-Surfer was designed as a one size does it all SUP and surf-foil wing that has launched a whole new era in wind-powered watersports. The S25 Wing-Surfer takes the first generation Wing-Surfer's basic design...
ab 953,03 € *
Hover Wing/SUP S25 Naish Hover Wing/SUP S25
Wing Foil SUP
ab 1.349,00 € *
Galaxy S25 Naish Galaxy S25
1.679,00 € * 2.399,00 € *
Assault S25 Naish Assault S25
The Assault is for any wavesailor who needs a board to perform in a broad range of conditions. Keeping versatility in mind, these unique boards combine early planing with the turning ability of a pure waveboard. The Assault shapes are...
ab 2.349,00 € *
Force IV  S25 Naish Force IV S25
4 Batten Performance Wave
ab 749,00 € *
Glide Air12´6" x 32 Fusion S25 Naish Glide Air12´6" x 32 Fusion S25
1.096,65 € *
Starship S25 Naish Starship S25
ab 1.949,00 € *
Waves Rectangle black Naish Waves Rectangle black
Naish Tee
19,99 € *
Born To Ride black Naish Born To Ride black
Naish Tee
19,99 € *
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