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S.Type SL 2018 NorthSails S.Type SL 2018
The S_TYPE SL using the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN can safely be called the perfect blend. Comfort combined with the most successful race slalom sails in our history. Therefore Kai Hopf has paired the balanced handling and comfort of the...
ab 515,00 € * 963,28 € *
Super Session 2018 NorthSails Super Session 2018
Freewave, Bump & Jump have everything that makes windsurfing so fascinating. This also explains why so many boards are sold in this category. The SUPER SESSION is the perfect sail for covering the wide range from flat water to wave. A...
ab 379,00 € * 679,00 € *
Platinum  2018 NorthSails Platinum 2018
The most used boom among PWA competitors in prepreg 100% carbon (quality: T800). >>> Resin-quality: SENTEX TM.>>> Front-end: iFRONT 2.0. >>> Tail-end 140+150+160: INSIDE.GRIPPED.TAIL with iTAIL.WAVE.FITTING >>> Tail-end 170: INSIDE.TAIL...
ab 819,00 € *
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