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Gear Bag ProLimit Gear Bag
Carry bag designed specifically for mast extensions, fins and other small components
50,00 € *
Fusion Steamer 5/3 BZ  DL ProLimit Fusion Steamer 5/3 BZ DL
Vertical backzip with dryseal waterblock. Carefully selected materials to create one of the most versatile wetsuits.
199,95 € *
Twintip Sport ProLimit Twintip Sport
The Prolimit sport twin bag fits 1 board with fins and pads.
59,95 € *
Kitesurf Boardbag Golf Aero Wheeled 150 ProLimit Kitesurf Boardbag Golf Aero Wheeled 150
1 Board, 3 Kites
149,00 € *
Kitesurf Boardbag Golf Ultra Light ProLimit Kitesurf Boardbag Golf Ultra Light
1 Board , bis zu 3 Kites
69,99 € *
SUP Paddle Bag ProLimit SUP Paddle Bag
The Prolimit SUP padlle bag give the best protection for travelling.
49,95 € *
Fire 5/3 Freezip  2019 ProLimit Fire 5/3 Freezip 2019
The Fire Freezip 5/3 GBS is based on our unique Freezip construction for easy entry.
199,00 € *
Rambler ProLimit Rambler
Freerace/racing harness. It has a medium high profile for support and allows maximum sail power to be carried at all times. This is in combination with our back support control system with double buckles allows for big hook height...
149,00 € *
Hybrid Waist Harness WS ProLimit Hybrid Waist Harness WS
Hybrid construction harness. Molded and unmolded parts combined for support and light weight. Laminated PU material and the internal Nylon waist belt absorb no water, making this the lightest harness out there while still giving you the...
149,00 € *
Fusion Boot 5.5 MM ProLimit Fusion Boot 5.5 MM
Function and performance! Built on our OCL last for better fit and performance. Our LSS (long stretch seams) for easy entry. WRAP technology Rolling foot (rubber reinforcement) for fixed foot position. Features: Wrap Technology Stretch...
47,95 € *
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