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Predator Neo Beanie ProLimit Predator Neo Beanie
Die Beanie hält den Kopf warm und schützt die Ohren. Durch das angenehm weiche Neopren hat die Beanie eine sehr gute Passform
29,90 € *
Kite Pumpe ProLimit Kite Pumpe
Features: •2 x 3200 cc per stroke •14.5 PSI max •Single or double action, easy switchable •Leash for kite •Folding feet for easy and compact transport •Handle demountable for compact transport •TURBO alloy tube •Personalized •High...
59,99 € *
Neo Beanie Pure Girl Flare ProLimit Neo Beanie Pure Girl Flare
Beanie for girls which matches with our Flare wetsuit serie. -Loop for wetsuit attachment -GBS (Glued & Blindstitched)
22,90 € *
Mittens Open palm Xtreme ProLimit Mittens Open palm Xtreme
3mm mitten with open palm for the best feeling and grip. Velcro closure. Zodiac Lining (plush) inside for additional warmth and comfort. -3mm mitten -with open palm for the best feeling. -Zodiac Lining
49,99 € *
Hydrogen Boot Polar Round Toe 6.5mm ProLimit Hydrogen Boot Polar Round Toe 6.5mm
The Prolimit Hydrogen unisex polar boot is our warmest boot on the market. The neoprene is 6mm thick and has Zodiac plush lining on the inside. The natural rubber reef sole makes you feel like you are walking on bare foots. Straps...
89,99 € *
Oxygen Steamer Hooded 6/4 Thermal Rebound - FTM ProLimit Oxygen Steamer Hooded 6/4 Thermal Rebound - FTM
The Prolimit Oxygen TR Steamer wetsuit for women, is the best technical wetsuit in our women’s collection. The suit has Thermal Rebound technology, this is an extra layer in between the neoprene and Zodiac that reflects body heat and...
429,00 € *
Gloves Elasto Sealed ProLimit Gloves Elasto Sealed
Skin/Mesh 2mm neoprene uppertaped inside for no water entryglued and blind stitched construction inside palm with double line neoprene against wear and tear. -2mm Double lined with taped outside seams -inside palm protection for wear and...
42,99 € *
Mercury Hooded TR FreeX 6/4 ProLimit Mercury Hooded TR FreeX 6/4
The strongest and ultimate watertight wetsuit. Combined with Flued taping method (FTM Taped Seams) outside seams results in a neat, strong and durable seam. Neolight Duotone 550+ limestone neoprene panels with thermal rebound layout,...
399,00 € *
Kite Seat Pro ProLimit Kite Seat Pro
A high modular seat harness for high power applications. Medium pro?le with molded upper half carries the kite load. Incorporated is a solid spreader bar, giving stability through the use of our double buckle system. The double buckle...
169,00 € *
Neoprene Hoodie Predator ProLimit Neoprene Hoodie Predator
Our new predator hoody is made of our down air?ex 550+ limestone neoprene and Airflex 550+. The Hoody has a hook pocket for your Spreader bar. Styling & warmth when you are not riding to the max.
179,00 € *
Hybrid WS Waist Harness ProLimit Hybrid WS Waist Harness
Hybrid constructed harness. Molded and unmolded parts combined for support and light weight. Laminated PU material with added elasticity and the internal Nylon waist belt absorb no water, making this the lightest harness out there while...
159,00 € *
Innersystem Top Neoprene Arms SA ProLimit Innersystem Top Neoprene Arms SA
Neoprene chillvest with spandex arms. To be used as an additional layer underneath a wetsuit in cold conditions or as an outer layer in warm conditions.
69,99 € *
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