GA / GAASTRA Pure Free Windsurf

Pure Free Windsurf
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  • 19-050119IQ42-003
Everybody, who is looking for a SUP board with highest quality standards, or both wants to go... mehr
Produktinformationen "Pure Free Windsurf"

Everybody, who is looking for a SUP board with highest quality standards, or both wants to go paddling and windsurfing with one board, should get the Pure Free Windsurf. If you are paddling on a regular basis and want to take the next step in regards to the performance and quality of your board, the Pure Free Windsurf is the perfect choice. Its Fusion construction offers both lightness and stiffness at the same time, which allows you to go for longer sessions without tiring out physically quickly. You will be surprised of the performance, stability and manoeuvrability a iSUP board can offer, when jumping on the Pure Free Windsurf. This board is not only perfectly suited for paddling, but also a great alternative for windsurfing in lighter winds and when starting off. The large EVA pad prevents hurt knees and legs, when you need to climb back on the board more often and try out some move on light wind days. PVC rails in the tail section also provide stability on the straights, but also when turning around during jibes and tacks. Every detail and part of the GA Pure series is designed and produced at our highest quality standard in order to offer a product for those, who want to get the best performance that is available on the iSUP market.

Saison: 2019
Style: Inflatable Boards
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