Naish Alana Touring 11,6 S26

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  • S21SI-AL116
ALANA INFLATABLE TOURING FUSION Woman’s Inflatable Touring/All-Around Size: 11’0” X29,... mehr
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Woman’s Inflatable Touring/All-Around

Size: 11’0” X29, 11'6” X32


Based on our Touring Fusion model, the Alana Fusion offers enhanced performance and faster paddling than entry-level SUP boards. This board is shaped for incredible straight-line speed, directional momentum, and amazing stability in all-around flatwater design. The Alana is shorter in length when compared to the Touring models, making it more maneuverable for lighter riders. Hydroslick edges increase speed by creating a clean water release off the tail. Additional handles in the front assist in getting in and out of the water with ease.


PERFORMANCE FEATURES Touring Shape = Designed for faster straight-line paddling and directional momentum

Extra Cargo Straps = For storage and carrying additional gear

Added Deck Handles = Easy to get in and out of the water in any situation

High-Pressure Rated = Superior stiffness

Accessory Deck Mount = Attach your GPS or POV camera



Fusion Dropstitch = Superior stiffness + lightweight

Double Layer Rails = Greater durability + added stiffness

Hydroslick Edge = Creates clean water release in the tail for improved speed and acceleration

US Fin Box = More fin options + tool-less fin installation

Style: Inflatable Boards, Touring / Race
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