Naish Performance Vario 3pc. RDS

Performance Vario 3pc. RDS
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The right blend of performance and value, the Performance and Performance Jr. are the accessible... mehr
Produktinformationen "Performance Vario 3pc. RDS"

The right blend of performance and value, the Performance and Performance Jr. are the accessible choice for all-around use. The Glass matrix blade construction provides ample strength making this paddle the lightest in its class for this value. Glass matrix in the shaft delivers heightened flex curve for more energy absorption and less impact on the shoulders. For younger athletes, this is especially advantageous in preventing injury and promoting physical longevity.

Available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly. The anti-twist vario system features a single-notch system for perfect blade/handle alignment every time. The Hydro Seal fortifies the shaft exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy—a helpful feature for newer paddlers.


APPR. PADDLE WEIGHT (+/- 5%) 710 g

SURFACE AREA 548 cm² / 85 in²


Saison: 2019
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