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Baseplate only HD UNIFIBER Baseplate only HD
Baseplate only for Baseplate Tendon HD. Without Tendon
34,95 € *
Baseplate Tendon Elite UNIFIBER Baseplate Tendon Elite
The Elite Baseplate builds on the robustness of the HD model while enhancing security and ease of use. Its top-grade TPU tendon core can be disassembled and replaced by hand, allowing you to inspect the tendon anytime and anywhere. The...
89,95 € *
Baseplate Tendon HD UNIFIBER Baseplate Tendon HD
Designed for windsurfers who relentlessly push their gear to the limits, the HD Baseplate is built to withstand the toughest challenges. The stainless steel components create an uninterrupted link from the T-nut to the extension,...
69,95 € *
Baseplate only Elite UNIFIBER Baseplate only Elite
Baseplate only for Elite Baseplate Tendon. Without Tendon. 
34,95 € *
Baseplate Tendon Essentials UNIFIBER Baseplate Tendon Essentials
The Essentials baseplate serves as a foundation of our baseplate range. Simple and reliable, the baseplate keeps the number of parts to a minimum, reducing the chances for any part to fail even in extreme conditions. At its core, a...
49,95 € *
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