Tabou 3S Classic CED 2018

3S Classic CED 2018
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  • 18Tab 3S-001
A traditional, longer freewave outline with modern features makes the 3S Classic an easyto-ride... mehr
Produktinformationen "3S Classic CED 2018"

A traditional, longer freewave outline with modern features makes the 3S Classic an easyto-ride board for freeride and bump’n’jump.

FOR WHO: Windsurfers looking for a traditional all-around board New for 2018, we introduce a classic: the traditional 3S that we worked on for a decade combined with select features from the compact 3S introduced in 2017. The 3S is Tabou´s most successful shape: easy to use and fun for all conditions. We took a traditional, longer outline and a forgiving, early-planing rocker and added select modern features, like a cutoff tail for easier jibing. Like the 3S, the 3S Classic uses a double step tail cutout to increase both speed and maneuverability. In a straight line, the cutouts have less wetted surface area and therefore less drag and a higher top speed. On the rail, the cutouts act like kick tail so that the board turns in a much tighter radius. The length of the 3S Classic allows it to go fast while being easy to balance and cutting through chop.

Style: Freemove, Wave/Freestyle
Saison: 2018
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