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Bolt Pro
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  • GoBoPr22-001
As a far advanced Freeride board, the Bolt Pro is crazy fast, with the power of the Proton Pro,... mehr
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As a far advanced Freeride board, the Bolt Pro is crazy fast, with the power of the Proton Pro, yet with a more accessible and friendly trim.

With its 10 mm of V, it naturally softens the ride over chop on rougher seas. As in our dedicated race board, the Bolt Pro comes with tail cut-outs in combination with a light tail release that helps reduce the wetted surface, providing you with sensational acceleration. Being the evolution of our highly successful and best selling Freerace line, the new Bolt Pro incorporates years of development, the feedback from valued customers around the world, as well as the development of three generations of Proton Pro boards in the PWA. Being a hybrid between its predecessor and the new Proton Pro’s shallower double concave, and reduced V of the tail, the Bolt Pro’s all new bottom shape blends the acceleration, speed and comfort of both concepts. With a slightly higher entry rocker from the previous line, it feels balanced in both flat water and the open ocean, across a long coast run, with all the speed and control. By setting the mast track deep into a concave deck, the draft of the sail is lowered, resulting in furthermore forward drive. Inspired by the Proton racing development with added comfort and control.

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