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Carrera Carbon
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The Carrera Carbon sailing experience is focused on agility, packing torque and the board’s... mehr
Produktinformationen "Carrera Carbon"

The Carrera Carbon sailing experience is focused on agility, packing torque and the board’s supreme build.

The new shapes are shorter with a wider tail, yet narrower than the Volar Carbon, giving the new Carrera Carbon a wonderful touch of newschool single fin feel. The perfect board to fit beween the One 3 Carbon and the Volar Carbon. Very fast to plane yet easier to gybe than the latter.

Our Freecarve boards are slightly narrower than our Freeride boards, designed for the most advanced Freeriders looking for a livelier board that is easier to trim on the tail, rail and carve.

There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera Carbon. And there is no other Freecarve board built like it even today. We set out to create a Freecarve board with only the very best composites applied, racing composites with a full carbon deck construction bringing the ultimate speed and lightness sensation to a broader audience. A sensation that up until now only racers could experience.

You can also alter the character of these boards by simply adjusting the straps to inboard or outboard. There is a single back strap option and two options for a double back strap.

The Carrera Carbon offers high-end performance whenever and wherever you want it. Matching best with the Nexus Freeride sail, Mark or Mark X, it covers all bases from rough seas to lighter winds to calmer lake conditions where it is just as fun to carve as it is jaw-drop-ping fast.

These new shapes increase the overall wind-range and responsiveness. Inspired by the success of the Proton Pro we were able to accomplish our goals by moving the volume flow further back, reducing overall length, keeping the rails more parallel further back, and most importantly, modifying the rocker and flat spot to adjust the initial entry and overall control of the board.

The boards take off in the light of breezes and fly through the lulls. The whole bottom sits just on top of the water, and from the footstraps you can maintain total control and perfect trim. Entry into jibes and exit speed out has also improved significantly, making these boards an absolute joy to ride or race with your friends.

Refinements to find the magical combination of these changes resulted in a line the whole team is stoked on.

Style: Freecarve, Freemove, Freeride
Saison: 2022, 2023
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