Goya Volar Carbon

Volar Carbon
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  • GoVoCa22-001
The Volar Carbon is our ultimate user-friendly Windsurfing board to grow, learn and enjoy the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Volar Carbon"

The Volar Carbon is our ultimate user-friendly Windsurfing board to grow, learn and enjoy the sport at all levels. The board is fast, stable and accelerates with each gust of wind.

On a straight line or gybing, the Volar Carbon rides naturally giving the rider all the confidence to push their level on every move. With its thinner profile on the water or in the air, the new Volar Carbon feels glued to your feet.

Each size was individually created to match the specific conditions giving the larger volumes a proportionally wider and longer outline, with added balance and the early planing needed for the lighter conditions. The smaller sizes have a smoother bottom curve for the added control needed on the rougher days.

You can also alter the character of these boards by simply adjusting the straps, using single or double footstrap on the tail or in its three levels from inboard to outboard settings.

By positioning the volume flow further back, reducing overall length, keeping the rails more parallel further back and most importantly modifying the rocker and flat spot helps adjust the initial entry, control, and speed of the board.

Refinements to find the magical combination of these changes resulted in a line the whole team is stoked on! The new Volar Carbon is easier to stand on when not planing, faster to get going and quicker to respond to rider input to stay in control and push yourself from beginner to intermediate as fast as possible.

Take off in the lightest breeze and fly through the lulls. The whole board sits just on top of the water and from the footstraps you can maintain total control and perfect trim.

Style: Freeride
Saison: 2022, 2023
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