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Surfing Thruster Keith Teboul: “My goal for the 2022/23 Pyramid Pro was simplicity and having... mehr
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Surfing Thruster

Keith Teboul: “My goal for the 2022/23 Pyramid Pro was simplicity and having fun in epic wavesailing conditions. In look and feel, the new Pyramid encompasses the core elements in surfing of speed, power, and flow, delivering unprecedented performance in a variety of down-the line wave conditions.

The all new Pyramid Pro is much faster to plane, has more drive on the wave face, and retains the industry’s leading grip through the turns. This means you catch more waves and setup your approach with higher speeds, so you can draw the lines of your dreams with full confidence in your board setup.

With the immediate success of the revolutionary Con-Vee bottom in the prior Pyrmaid Pro, we set out to review some of the all time best boards in our lineage, to see how we could blend and even enhance the modern Con-Vee concept.

Pyramid prototypes and team Custom boards alike featured various refinements to all design aspects. Slight adjustments to the rocker line, rail flow off the nose, and outline through the back of the mast track through the middle of your stance all played into these new Pyramid shapes. The outline is a touch fuller and the mast track position has been adjusted to work in its full spectrum.

Across our entire team’s different riding styles and sizes, we are all stoked, and so we know you will be too.”

Style: Wave
Saison: 2022, 2023
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