Naish S26 Wing-Surfer black 6qm

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  • NaWiSuBl6S26
This season’s all-new Wing-Surfer is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly... mehr
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This season’s all-new Wing-Surfer is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly evolving sport well into the future. We started with the basic outline, refining the leading edge curve of each size wing to maximize drive, balance, and stability in its given wind range. Panel count has been reduced for lighter weight, yet not overly simplified, ensuring that optimum foil shape is retained. Leading edge diameters have been increased in the center of the wing to provide a substantially more rigid airframe, without appearing cartoonishly large as seen on some other wings. In this case, “bigger is better” has limits, and a balance between diameter sizes versus drag, speed potential, weight of leading edge material and internal bladder, etc., must all be taken into consideration. The leading edges taper to the wing tips for a perfect balance of power delivery, stability, twist, and speed. The center strut diameter has also been increased for stiffness and better control in higher winds and jumping. Draft depth has increased substantially and is further forward, providing more locked-in power and increased stability. Everyone, including heavier riders, will especially appreciate the immediate sheet-in-and-go, which provides improved low end and upwind performance, as well as strong wind stability and control. Some riders may find that they will now be able to use a wing that's one size smaller in the same wind conditions than they would have previously.
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