Harlem Go V4

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  • 20HaGo-001
The Harlem GO V4 is your go-to kite, it jumps, slides, rides, flies, goes upwind easy and loops... mehr
Produktinformationen "Go V4"

The Harlem GO V4 is your go-to kite, it jumps, slides, rides, flies, goes upwind easy and loops smoothly. This awesome kite will give you the confidence to explore new tricks! We designed the Harlem to turn fast without an aggressive pull, this makes the kite perfect for nailing jumps, charging the next big swell and everything you want in between.

When trying out your new moves, the Harlems predictable power delivery and direct bar feel offer you control at all times. The medium aspect ratio supports substantial low-end power and great upwind performance. This means you can go where other people can’t.

Our lighter three strut design gives you the freedom to surf & play. The Harlem is our first choice for hooked freestyle tricks, wave riding and freeride sessions. Find out why people call it “the smooth operator”.

Express yourself with the Harlem as a high-performance all-rounder, and experience the awesomeness of this wave, freeride and hooked-in boosting machine. Some people call it the best kite ever, but that could be us.


For the lazy pumpers

We have put air outlets in the middle, and in the wingtip for deflating and as you like it. The Harlem comes with High Flow strut valves for easy inflate and deflate.

Bombproof construction

Build to last, and to keep its value and performance. The Teijin Marubini Dacron frame offers optimal stiffness, and more direct feedback.

The best materials

Triple ripstop for more stiff material; no shape distortion. Best strength to weight ratio. Harlem C3 coating on canopy protects against UV, sand and salt.

Fuck fashion

We only update models for improvements, not because the colors went out of fashion.

A bag that doesn't suck

Best kitebag on the market with zippers that last longer than one season.


Is this the kite for you?

When not to buy: when you are looking for a dedicated wave or freestyle kite.


Style: Freeride
Saison: 2020
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