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Pumpe 2.0 Core Pumpe 2.0
Ganz neu konstruierte CORE Pump 2.0. Das komplett schwarze Modell hat einen längeren Pumpenkörper, einen stärker ausgeprägten Griff, einen dickeren Schlauch und einen pfeilförmigen Standfuß. Die größten Innovationen stecken allerdings im...
ab 54,90 € *
Pump Hose Adapter II Duotone Pump Hose Adapter II
Kite Pumpen Adapter
2,90 € *
Kite Pump Hose with Adapter Duotone Kite Pump Hose with Adapter
Sclauch für Kitepumpe mit Adapter
7,90 € *
Neo SLS 2023 Duotone Neo SLS 2023
The best wave kite on the market got the SLS treatment; stronger, lighter, and superior, with Penta TX and Trinity TX combining to make a super light and durable kite. With incredible drift, dynamic turning, and a huge range, the Neo SLS...
ab 1.719,00 € *
Neo D/LAB 2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB 2023
In search of the best wave-riding performance? The Neo D/LAB is the most advanced wave kite available, featuring an Aluula frame that delivers otherworldly performance. Prepare to have you mind blown with this incredible addition to the...
ab 2.649,00 € *
Dice SLS 2023 Duotone Dice SLS 2023
The Dice SLS offers performance across a wide range of disciplines; freestyle, big air, kite loops, and breaking waves, bringing the fun factor to new levels! Light, fast and with even more control, this is the go-to kite for riders who...
ab 1.879,00 € *
Dice 2023 Duotone Dice 2023
The Dice is the kite for you if you’re an advanced rider, you love to do freestyle but also want a kite that can handle huge airs and smash some waves! Perfect for kite loops, the performance of the Dice will excite you every time you...
ab 1.549,00 € *
Rebel SLS 2023 Duotone Rebel SLS 2023
No matter how you choose to ride, the Rebel SLS has a well-deserved legendary status! Easy to jump, with huge hangtime, now even a kite looping machine and a big air monster, a favourite of our pro riders for boosting to the moon and...
ab 2.009,00 € *
Vegas 2023 Duotone Vegas 2023
. The choice of Freestyle world champions, the Vegas, is the pinnacle of freestyle and wakestyle performance, used by the world's best riders worldwide. Incredible for unhooked tricks and perfect for powerful kite loops, the Vegas will...
ab 1.679,00 € *
Click Bar Quad Control Duotone Click Bar Quad Control
The flagship control system from Duotone gives you the ultimate way to trim your kite without moving your hand from the bar itself. Years ago, it revolutionised the kite industry, and now, it’s upgraded again to make it even better with...
739,00 € *
Trust Bar Quad Control Duotone Trust Bar Quad Control
The Trust Bar has been the go-to control system for riders who prefer the traditional depower rope and cleat system, but there is nothing traditional about the new 2023 Trust Bar! Instead, it’s packed with the latest technologies,...
549,00 € *
Soleil 2022 Duotone Soleil 2022
Die Zahl der Frauen im Sport wächst von Tag zu Tag. Daher ist es unbedingt notwendig, dass es speziell auf Frauen zugeschnittene Produkte gibt. Das Board wurde von unseren Fahrerinnen konzipiert und getestet. Dabei lag unser Fokus...
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