Quad 2021 Sailloft Quad 2021
ab 529,00 € * 759,00 € *
Super Hero Duotone Super Hero
ab 529,00 € * 819,00 € *
S_Pace Duotone S_Pace
585,00 € * 899,00 € *
S_Type SL Duotone S_Type SL
499,00 € * 839,00 € *
Cosmic GA Sails Cosmic
ab 491,39 € * 819,66 € *
Combat HD  2019 NEILPRYDE Combat HD 2019
495,00 € * 829,00 € *
Quad  2019 Sailloft Quad 2019
439,99 € * 739,00 € *
Banzai X Pro Goya Banzai X Pro
ab 697,00 € *
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E_Pace Rally Edition Duotone E_Pace Rally Edition
899,00 € *
E_Pace Duotone E_Pace
Die neuen E_PACE sind genau die sportli­chen Freeride Segel, die Windsurfen so faszinierend und unkompliziert machen: problemlos aufzuriggen, beschleunigen wie ein E-Motor und ohne Pumpen ins Gleiten kommen. Gepaart mit konkurrenzfähigem...
ab 779,00 € *
Lion Ezzy Sails Lion
The Lion is a race sail stripped of everything that makes race sails difficult. For the new Lion 2022 we replaced the vinyl with a dyneema-reinforced window that increases stability in high winds and dramatically improves the transfer of...
ab 886,00 € *
Cheetah Ezzy Sails Cheetah
For nearly a decade, the Ezzy Cheetah has set the industry standard for no-cam freeride sails. Known for the perfect combination of stability, speed, and ease of use. The 2022 Cheetah progresses forward as the most advanced freeride sail...
ab 842,00 € *
Mark X Pro Goya Mark X Pro
The Mark X shares its main window material with our X Build wave range, swapping clear film for wide spaced X-Ply, incorporating those ultra-strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance. All other performance features of the Mark X are...
ab 775,00 € *
Nexus B 2022 Goya Nexus B 2022
The Nexus B underwent a strict diet, turning an already excellent light wind Freeride sail into a tool for making the most out of any available condition, low wind or high wind. An all-around masterpiece, the Nexus B puts its number one...
ab 699,00 € *
Cypher Pro 2022 Goya Cypher Pro 2022
Massive lift and ease of rotation are the drivers of progressive freestyle maneuvers. And they also drive the Cypher Pro, project baby and sail of choice for not just Antoine Albert but also freestyle team riders Yarden Meir, Jay Lee and...
ab 695,00 € *
Fringe X Pro 2022 Goya Fringe X Pro 2022
Featuring the same quality window film as the Fringe Pro, with the addition of ultra-strong Spectra yarns for added tear resistance. An entire window area full wide spaced X-Ply. The Fringe X Pro is a super lightweight, smooth power...
ab 715,00 € *
Fringe Pro 2022 Goya Fringe Pro 2022
Pure Surfwave, and so very much more. The Fringe Pro is a super lightweight, smooth power delivering and effortless handling sail in our wave range. Small refinements and improvements took place throughout the size range in the 2022/23...
ab 695,00 € *
Mark B 2022 Goya Mark B 2022
Racing speed made simple. The Mark B is quick to rig and easy to tune. Delivering impressive low end torque and acceleration combined with easy handling when super powered, the Mark B allows you to focus on your line and tactics rather...
ab 705,00 € *
Eclipse Pro 2022 Goya Eclipse Pro 2022
Marcilio Browne pushed for a 5 batten sail to deliver more stability with an additional batten aloft. The Eclipse Pro is a Variowave concept, with a huge range in mind, form light wind capability – due to its light build weight – to...
ab 850,00 € *
Banzai Pro 2022 Goya Banzai Pro 2022
The 2022/23 model features an improved flex feel throughout the entire size range, well balanced for maneuver style riding, with an extra bit of power available off the backhand at all times, for really loading up into big maneuvers or...
ab 710,00 € *
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