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  • S26SI-AL116
  Woman’s Inflatable All-around Sizes: 10'6” X32 Volume:270 L Designed with female... mehr
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Woman’s Inflatable All-around

Sizes: 10'6” X32 Volume:270 L

Designed with female paddlers in mind, and based on the Nalu Inflatable Fusion, the Alana is a great all-around choice for riders of all levels and sizes. The Alana Inflatable Fusion boards were designed for all-around fun for the whole family, recreational touring, and longboard-style surfing in small waves. These boards offer stability and an incredible stiffness-to-weight ratio as a result of our high-pressure X-weave material. Fusion construction and 6” thickness further enhance stability for paddling performance similar to a composite board. With its lightweight construction and classic longboard outline, this board is fun to maneuver when cruising around or walking up to the nose on small waves. Ample room on the nose allows for kids to climb aboard, or to store some extra cargo with the cargo strap. The Nalu’s pack a lightweight, stiff, and durable construction into a fun and easy-to-use shape, making SUPing enjoyable from the first stroke.

Package Includes:

-Roller Carry Pack

-Dual Flow Pump and Repair Kit

-10.0 Slide-in Fin (US Fin Box)

Style: All-Round / Wave, Inflatable Boards
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